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Gluesing Sales and Gifts

Debbie and Katie Welcome you to the 2019 Season at the Minneapolis Gift Mart.


We put our analytical hats on as we review 2018.  I thank my great accounts for a wonderful year!

and decide how to focus in 2019.

Jewelry and accessories stay strong.

But don't forget Minnesota gifts, souvenirs and foods. 

Greeting cards and stationery products are still strong.  .

Namedrop apparel is always a way to step away from the big box stores and even internet shopping.

Be creative and let reps help you find the unique.

I look forward to working with you.

Thanks, Debbie Gluesing


New Showroom  B101


36 Years at the  Gift Mart


Long Weekend Sportswear offers fun to wear designs and garments Buffalo Plaid shows off with a state name.   Mademoiselle Inc always has great quality at a very competitive price.


Working with be successful! 

I have been in this industry for 40 years.  Where has the time gone?

A gift that says something--a picture, a mug, a hat, a magnet, a notepad, a bookmark--can make something more personal--a message worth giving.



Colors and message make gift buying and giving fun. Food products can enhance a basket or a mug, or a small gift box. Minnesota or state identity, on a mug or a sweatshirt, makes us different than Walmart, etc.

Thanks for visiting our
 Gluesing Sales and Gifts Web Site!  You will see more new 

manufacturers in January.

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Takobia Jewelry continues to WOW


Mademoiselle has beautiful and competitively priced accessories.  Home in Chicago.


CD Products is a creative thinking banners, puzzles, stickers.  They do Custom work!!



  Be sure to look at "Toad TRACKS".  There are two new series of pictures that came out in August.  The art has a fresh new look, featuring new frames.  More new for 2019.

They have worked hard to find ways to improve shipping and we are looking forward to 2-3 week delivery.

As always we wish wonderful retirement to Artstrings--Our good friends.


" Mademoiselle", Inc has two seasons in their line of accessories.  See spring/summer now, and then the fall/winter in June

Want to do something to make your product unique?  You can choose your garment and color by working with Long Weekend.

choose the art you want, and put your town on it.

Namedrops available on many different apparel products--promote identity and be unique.  Look at "Long Weekend Sportswear" and

Cowichan Embroidery

Cowichan Embroidery is the home of the great show special HAT/T BUNDLES


..........coming up!

We are here to serve you!  Open Market Mondays

 Market dates for 2019

January 18-22

March 8-12

April 28-30

June 23-25

August 2-6

October 5-7


Debbie Gluesing  
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Daughter Katie Meinhover is going to spend some time working with us as a sales consultant  We welcome a fresh young face with lots of energy.

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Thanks for visiting our
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We will be working to link you to the 

manufacturer's web sites








































































































































































Debbie Gluesing

will continue at the Mart in B101.   The new business name is Gluesing Sales and Gifts, as Laurie has now retired.  Many of you worked with her for 30 years.

first door on the left as you enter the Blue Gallery. 

Easy to stop and look as you enter Blue, and stop to place your orders as you leave Blue.  We are here for you! 

Showrooms are like a theater set.  The only thing permanent are the 4 walls.

Dates for 2019 Markets


January 18-22

March 8-12

April 28-30

June 23-25

August 1-6

Sept 30-Oct 5-7

Market Mondays are available in some of the showrooms.

Always love a really good market! 

Time for SOUVENIR Shopping

Time to order your namedrop apparel from Long Weekend, a Minnesota company.  LOW MINIMUMS for namedrops.

Don't forget our FARMERS and their WIVES

Debbie says:  
Come in and see all of the new products!!

Manufacturers have been very busy, and want to show you what they have created!

Several new lines with great products and low minimums.



All of us at the Minneapolis Gift Mart are looking forward to the next  years.    The Mart is stronger than ever-- "The Best Regional Mart in the Country".   Let's make  2019  a wonderful market year!   We invite folks from outside of our territory to also check out the convenience of shopping at the Minneapolis Gift Mart.


Nancy Stone and sister Jeannie order the new design series for a store in Florida.  Thanks and great to see you--two years in a row.  WOW

     *Gluesing can help you update and freshen' up your inventory.  I have many NEW lines for 2019.  Take time to look.
      We will work with you to stay vital in this industry.  
                                                   We  know  local tourism will be good this year. Your customers want "American Made" and "Green" Products.  We can combine that with competitive pricing. 


CD Products

Just Bees

Continue to look at Poisies and Such, Your True Nature, EarthSunMoon, Pumpernickel Press and other awesome American manufacturers.


"EarthSunMoon" is a line to watch.

Best selling designs include the darling squirrel saying

"Escuse me, your bird feeder is empty"

My therapist has a wet nose.


EarthSunMoon features all of the Advice from Nature t-shirts, hats and mugs.  Your True Nature has the Advice postcards, magnets, bookmarks and small booklets.


Pumpernickel Press is available in Gluesing Sales and Gifts. We LOVE the new Petite size of greeting cards.  Same great art work, but in a smaller card. It is a great compliment to the deluxe size of gorgeous cards!  Don't forget to look at the Christmas cards.  Pumpernickel Press also has a new expanded line of magnetic list pads.  They are so beautiful and useful!














































































































































































 Dear Amy.  Exchange your hat for a halo.

We will miss you.



We are connected to you all the time  
Call me on my cell any time.

Leave a message if I don't answer.

cell phone  612-812-0491

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My regular lines always add new.  That is how they stay good lines.

 We represent manufacturers with integrity!

We always are looking for new American made manufacturers--support the USA! 

                     2019 is going to start strong and stay strong --many NEW LINES!!

We love working with all of you who are looking for nature or northern product, home decor, paper products, scarves and accessories, unique jewelry, and more!  

Sunburst Souvenirs is Minnesota's best state GIFT line.  

Come to us to honor

"State Identity" 

and American made products.  Pumpernickel Press is a Minnesota printed card company, with the most intriguing embossed art technique.



New and expanded!!

Takobia Jewelry is a hand-hammered lightweight iron jewelry.  The designs are gorgeous in the earrings, and the line is being expanded to include dangling necklaces and bracelets.  It looks like sterling and gold at an unbelievable price. The jewelry does not tarnish.

We  love that they donate part of their profit to Seeds of Peace.



 From Canada
Cowichan Embroidery
"t-shirts in a  tube

Now is the time to order for those spring and summer sales.  Our lines are able to ship at once, or later ship..


Keep your eyes open.  They will be seen soon!


Please visit again.

Thanks, Debbie

There are beautiful colors and designs coming in for the spring and summer line.  Please stop by and see.

Mademoiselle Inc
 Manufacturer and importer of women's' hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories since 1940

Thank you Wisconsin young ladies for having fun trying items on.  Come again!


















































































































































































































































































































































































































and American made product













































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